Pasta Factory

pasta marella italiana trafilata al bronzo artigianale handmade italian pasta 100% wheat

The Marella pasta factory was born in 1987 in Gioia del Colle, in the memory of gluten-free pasta for weaning, very long spaghetti to break, perfume of bread and cut grass, some sugar paper that wrapped the loose dough.
A pasta factory that recalls that tradition , with a totally artisanal production , which makes Marella pasta a truly special product of great quality .





< 140 mg OF FUROSINE

The selection of the grains is meticulous

We only use excellent quality semolina, obtained from Apulian grains, rarely mixed with grains of other Italian origins, but always of the same quality.
We mix with a little purified water and draw with bronze to obtain a rough and porous surface, which holds the condiments better.
Following the teachings of the ancient masters, we use a long and slow drying method, at 37/38 degrees, which, depending on the formats, can reach 72 hours. This technique keeps the original proteins and amino acids of the pasta unaltered, including tryptophan, also called the happiness hormone.

We consider pasta a way of life,

in which our pasta factory wants to be a factory of joy and love for memories, for life and for our land. Eating Marella pasta, you feel a feeling of well-being, escape from monotony and go back in time, appreciating the quality of tradition and those slight imperfections that make the product unique and handcrafted.